In which manga have you been inspired to create the hit The Squid Game?

In which manga have you been inspired to create the hit The Squid Game?

The squid game has become a phenomenon in Netflix. The Korean series arrived in the platform’s catalog last Friday, September 17 with a simple premise: Win to become a millionaire or die trying.

The series is one of those productions that knows how to hit the nail on the head, both through its aesthetics and its highly dramatically charged narrative and with a moral message that is evident until they hit us in the face.

One of the big questions that viewers are asking themselves after watching The Squid Game is whether this series is an adaptation of a manga. The question makes sense if we take into account all the “manganime” elements that we can find throughout its nine episodes.

However, the answer is “no”. The Squid Game is not a direct adaptation of any anime, manga, or comic book. Nevertheless, Hwang Dong-hyukYou did specify the font that inspired you to create this hit series.

In an interview with Soompi, the creator of The Squid Game went back to 2008, when he started working on this project. Hwang Dong-hyuk did not specify a specific name, but he said he read some “competition for survival” manga that led him to develop the idea in a Korean setting.

There are many stories focused on these “survival games”. It is inevitable to think of novels like The Hunger Games or movies like Battle royale. In manga we can find some similarities in Gantz, Gave[e]EC or Future diary, without becoming the same concept.

It also has a certain aroma of Yellow mood (Fūun! Takeshi Jō), the hilarious Japanese contest of the 80s, although there the contestants only hit each other.

Of course, the success of The Squid Game It is not only due to its simple premise and that it responds to an already established trope, but to the way in which the team has developed it. The response of the public, popularizing the series through word of mouth, is the best reward.

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