The world of the Matrix has been the seed of countless theories over the years. Since the premiere of the original Matrix movie in 1999, fans have debated at length about many aspects of the franchise, both philosophical and technological and Science fiction.

Now that we have seen the first trailer for Matrix Resurrections, the film that will arrive this December, one of the craziest, although plausible, theories of the original trilogy has come to light again.

What if the real world of the Matrix was actually another Matrix within the artificial reality itself? What if the machines realized that someone is about to wake up and sent you to a “submatrix” where you experience the fantasy of being the Chosen one?

That is, roughly, the theory that a fan has shared on Reddit during a debate about the possible plots that will take place in Matrix Resurrections.

The essence of this theory is, saving the distances, the same concept that we see in Origin, the film of Christopher Nolan, where dreams can be multiple levels deep. We only extrapolate dreams to different levels of the Matrix.

This theory would also explain the ability to Neo (Keanu Reeves) of controlling machines in the “real world” during the original trilogy, something that was once vaguely explained with a rudimentary theory about WiFi.

It would also explain the presence of the original Matrix movie in one of the trailer scenes, where it is projected on a screen, existing within the Matrix itself.

Be that as it may, it is clear that we will find out next December 17, when Matrix Resurrections lands in theaters of our reality.

What do you think of the theory of the different levels of the Matrix? Do you think Lana Wachowski have you chosen that route in Matrix Resurrections?