Preparing a good gaming setup doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to find the right accessories and you can play like a pro without breaking the bank, be it on the mouse, on the keyboard, on a gaming headset or even on a monitor.

And is that there are very good gaming monitors at very affordable prices, like this curved gaming monitor from MSI, which offers you a FullHD resolution of almost 24 inches and a frequency of 75 Hz, more than enough to enjoy at the highest level. And its price? Derisory: only 129 euros.

This monitor goes well with your setup, because it completes it with a 23.6-inch LCD panel with LED backlighting and a FullHD resolution of 1,920 x 1,800 pixels, which gives you more than enough image to fully immerse yourself in your games. And say goodbye to blurry images, because the monitor boasts a response time of 1 ms.

The curvature panel design is 1,800R, which is the most suitable for the human eye. Compared to the 4,000R or 3,000R bend rate, the 1,800R rate is the most comfortable on the eyes, so you won’t feel visually exhausted again after playing the game.

The monitor shows you their true colors with NTSC 85% and sRGB 110%, in addition to Less Blue Light technology to reduce the blue light coming from the screen and thus protect your eyes from the damage of playing and working for long hours, especially at night and on dark days.

It also has FPS Crosshair, a technology that helps you target your targets much more easily. And thanks to your 178º wide viewing angle, you will not get caught from behind again. In addition, the monitor is optimized with MSI Gaming VGA and AMD FreeSync, which give you the best visual experience.

Take advantage of the fact that this fantastic MSI FullHD monitor of almost 24 inches and with curved design is lowered from 169 to only 129 euros on Amazon and release it tomorrow by buying it with a Amazon prime.