There are few days as special as your wedding, right? Without at doubt it is an occasion that you will always remember, by celebrating your love for a person surrounded by your friends and family. However, this newly married couple had to have their own ceremony very long, because they did not hesitate to take out their phones … and play at PUBG Mobile in front of all your guests.

This is what it shows this Viral TikTok, from solmaz_rasulova, from Azerbaijan, which was published on July 30 this past summer, which has accumulated more than 8.7 million views.

Playing PUBG at our own wedding“says the description, accompanied by some laughing emoticons. The short video shows the couple playing with their mobiles the battle royale in the middle of the banquet full of people, although they do not seem to pay much attention to them.

Knowing the world of TikTok, perhaps they only took out their mobile to make the fun of playing in the middle of the wedding and see if it went viral, which happened, resulting in almost 30,000 comments. Or maybe it’s that They were really very bored and they wanted to play a game of battle royale, to lower the desserts before the dance.

PUBG Mobile (which has now officially dropped the name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the most popular mobile games around the world, and one of the pioneers in the battle royale genre.

Right now, its creator, Brendan Greene, is working on a new project after getting off the PUBG ship. Project Artemis is his most ambitious idea, a survival game in which all the structures are procedurally generated.

Thus, each game will be different, something that will delight this couple of “viciaos” (which, do not worry, later uploaded another TikTok with photos enjoying the wedding with her husband).

Source: Libero