They sell for 6,000 euros a “PizzaStation 5”, that is, a PS5 devkit accompanied by three pizzas

They sell for 6,000 euros a "PizzaStation 5", that is, a PS5 devkit accompanied by three pizzas

Today, get to buy a new PlayStation 5 it is a near impossible task, and it will probably remain difficult for a long time due to a lack of stock and a shortage of components. The resale of new consoles on web pages and online markets is the resource that many people turn to, although the prices are exorbitant.

Apparently someone came to pay 6,000 euros (or was willing to) on eBay … but not for a PS5, but for a PS5 development unit, or devkit, that is, the hardware that is sent to developers months or years before the official launch of the console.

The most surreal thing about it is that this PS5 devkit was sold … accompanied by three pizzas. The devkit appears to be the same one that was put up for sale a few months ago and had bids of up to $ 3,000 before being retired.

However, the devkit was re-listed on eBay for a salesman from Turin, Italy, and it seems that it was sold for 6,050 euros. The “PizzaStation 5“, from Pizza Interactive Entertainment Europe, was sold with a pizza peel with the official PlayStation logo and three Ristorante pizzas from the Cameo brand (of tuna, salami and ham).

As you can see in the images shared on Twitter by Lance McDonald, the The gap formed in the V-shaped devkit is perfect for leaving the pizza slice. The console fans will keep it toasty, we imagine.

We don’t really know what happened here. We can think that the maneuver of the pizzas was a ruse to deceive the moderators and be able to avoid Sony’s claims regarding the illicit sale of these devkits.

On the eBay listing indicate that “Bidding is useless, you probably can’t afford this awesome Pizza Kit, and Cameo (the brand of Pizzas) will ask to remove it anyway“.

We do not know if someone finally managed to get hold of this devkit, even if it says that it has been sold. At least we can rest assured that they will change the final design of PS5 from their devkit, because if the PS5 had finally looked like that, surely many would now want to use that gap to leave their pieces of pizza between bites …

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