Telegram already allows you to see who has read your messages in small groups

Telegram ya permite ver quién ha leído tus mensajes en grupos pequeños 31

A new version of Telegram is now available and it comes with four new features that you will like to know if you are a user of the application, in which case we remind you that the MC channel on Telegram It is an excellent medium to receive all that we publish on time, as well as to read it with the greatest of comforts. Of course, then enter here to leave us a comment that if we do not feel abandoned.

With that said, let’s go over everything new it brings this version of Telegram, which you should have already received on both mobile and PC. And the first thing that jumps out is a new control option that not everyone will like because, at least for the moment, it cannot be avoided, but there it is: the option to see who has read your messages in small groups. The how, be simple: on the mobile, click on the message; on the PC, use the context menu.

As you know, until now it was easy to know if someone had read a message no matter where you had sent it: double checking is practically a standard in instant messaging. However, in a group the double check was skipped as someone read the message, which did not mean that everyone had read it. That problem is over, although another has begun: if you read a message, the other members of the group will know. You no longer skimp on the “I hadn’t read it” excuse!

All in all, this new feature only works in small groups, up to 50 users. Also, the list of names that have read the message in turn disappears after 7 days “To protect the privacy of users,” they point out. Be that as it may, it’s a useful feature for one of the niches Telegram is targeting: workgroups.

More news than this version of Telegram brings include more personalization in private chats, since it is possible to apply different themes for individual chatsSimply because you like doing it that way better, or because you prefer it to quickly recognize where you are. At the moment there are 8 new themes for this purpose, including “Colorful Gradient Message Bubbles, Beautiful Animated Backgrounds, and Unique Background Patterns”, but more will be coming soon. You can apply them through the chat header options.

Continuing with the customization, Telegram also receives new interactive emojis, with “effect by effect in full screen.” How is this? If you want to try them, send a common emoji (for example: ❤️💩🎉) and click on it to see the effect, for which it is essential to have the latest version of Telegram. How many emoji it works with is not clear, so you keep testing to find out.

Finally, Telegram insists on its facet of broadcasting application with a new option to record streams live and video chats, and thus be able to share them afterwards. In other words, voice chats and group calls, which in turn can literally make podcast and live video programs for an unlimited audience, now have the possibility of recording them to broadcast later. Now it only remains to see the success of this competition proposal with services such as Twitch or YouTube.

This is all and it is not little. Let it not be said that Telegram is only good for evil, because it is not true.

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