Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game will have traditional action gameplay, according to Kotaku

Quantic Dream's Star Wars game will have traditional action gameplay, according to Kotaku

The exclusivity agreement between EA and Star Wars It has ended ahead of schedule, and now there is a barrage of new Star Wars video games underway. The most recent to be announced was the remake of Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR, to which must be added the action game from Ubisoft Massive and everything else from EA (a Jedi Fallen Order 2 is expected).

Now, according to a rumor verified by various outlets, including VGC, DualShockers, and Kotaku, Quantic Dream, the David Cage-led studio behind games like Detroit Become Human or Heavy Rain, is also making a game based on the galactic saga.

We already talked about this at the weekend, but now there is an important point: according to Kotaku’s source, the game would be more focused on action, rather than the traditional mechanics of the studio, based on decision-making and quick time events.

Kotaku’s source talks about a gameplay of more traditional action, and even elements of open world and multiplayer, although that is a possibility. They also add that it has been in development for about a year and a half.

Quantic Dream, based in Paris, opened a division earlier this year in Montreal, a Canadian city that has experienced a “boom” in video game development with the arrival of dozens of studios. Quantic Dream Montréal would not have its own projects, but would support the headquarters in Paris.

Quantic Dream’s latest release was Fahrenheit 15th Anniversary Edition, remastering of the first game from the studio that was already developing its treatment of narrative, an evolution of graphic adventures that, however, would remain in the background in its Star Wars game, according to this Kotaku source.

For now, yes, the Star Wars game from Quantic Dream is just a rumor, although there are several media that take it for granted. If you want to see daring Star Wars stories, this week you will have the first Star Wars anime.

Source: Kotaku

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