Final trailer for Halloween Kills, the long-awaited horror sequel to hit theaters in October

Final trailer for Halloween Kills, the long-awaited horror sequel to hit theaters in October

Within the next horror movies, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated by fans is Halloween Kills, the second part of the new trilogy of films directed by David gordon green which serves as a direct sequel to the first installment of Halloween night, ignoring the rest of the films in the saga.

Following the events of Halloween Night 2018, the Halloween Kills movie will follow again to Laurie strode who, along with his daughter and granddaughter, will discover terrified that the trap they set for him Michael myers it has not worked, continuing the murderer alive.

Thus, the main trio must face Michael Myers again and try to end the threat once and for all. But this time they will not be alone, as the inhabitants of Haddonfield will join forces to fight Myers, including some survivors of the 1978 murders.

Having seen a new Halloween Kills TV Spot, Universal Pictures has now released the Halloween Kills final trailer, which you can take a look at through the following video.

The cast of Halloween Kills is made up of the actors Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, Kyle Richards, Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Longstreet, Dylan Arnold, Stephanie McIntyre, and Omar Dorsey, among others.

Initially scheduled for October 2020, the coronavirus pandemic caused its premiere to be postponed for a whole year, confirming that The movie Halloween Kills will be released in theaters in Spain on October 22, 2021, while Halloween Ends will land in October 2022, putting an end to this new trilogy.

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