A new Kindle Paperwhite with bigger size and better lighting is coming

Kindle Paperwhite

There are new Kindle Paperwhite in sight and it is known that this is the case, as it happens so many other times, due to an apparent error. Specifically, by a table published – and deleted shortly after – by Amazon Canada in which the different Kindle models available were compared. Which also means that it should not be long before the announcement or official launch of the device.

As they count in GoodEReader, the new Kindle Paperwhite, including the Signature Edition, would be slightly larger than current models and improve its display and backlighting. They would be, in short, an entirely plausible update with little more to add, although as it is to be expected, an image -the one in the table- does not reveal all the specifications of the device.

What the table does show includes an increase in the size of the device from current 6 inches to 6.8 which will have the new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, of the current 5 LED lights at 17, which would initially allow you to adjust the color temperature of the backlight. These would be, initially, the novelties that the new version of the Kindle Paperwhite would implement.

What does not change from the current version to the new one includes the screen resolution of 300 dpi, the IPX8 certification that guarantees the resistance of the device to receive splashes in beaches or swimming pools and the available storage space of 8 GB for the normal edition. and 32GB for the Signature Edition. The rest of what is said is conjecture or not even that, although it all sounds like an approach to the features of the Kindle Oasis.

For example, the design of the Kindle Paperwhite would remain without obvious changes, although the size of the photograph does not give much; it is expected to offer the new version of the system interface, unveiled a few days ago by Amazon; the type and charging port it will carry is unknown, whether the current micro-USB or the already standardized USB-C… and the release date is not known, although the mistake predicts that it will be soon.

The price, however, is listed in the table and points to about 100 euros for the normal edition and about 140 euros for the Signature Edition, converting directly from Canadian dollars to euros, of course. Everything seems to indicate, however, that we will know everything about the new Kindle Paperwhite in the coming weeks, if not before, so it only remains to wait a bit for Amazon to pronounce itself.

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