Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild in the first person is possible thanks to a glitch that a player found

Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild in the first person is possible thanks to a glitch that a player found

It’s been four years since its release, but Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans and players are still discovering ins and outs in the game. However, some of these secrets may be less intentional than others, such as this one when switching to a first person view.

A player of the title for Nintendo Switch soon to see a sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, he has discovered this glitch that allows him to play from Link’s perspective. All this without the need for the exclusive DLC item that you are rewarded with: the Hyliana Alfa motorcycle.

The glitch, like many other times, shared on Reddit by user Diamond-Herobrine, who has left it on video. Nevertheless, it has only served to record, since it was not this person who discovered this.

Apparently the original video appeared on Twitter Japan thanks to the account @SNSKTues, very focused on Breath of the Wild video content. This has not been the only bug found in the Nintendo game, but it could be the most useful for first person enthusiasts.

Yes, what he did Diamond-Herobrine on Reddit the video was shared and the process to activate it, in just 18 seconds. It seems that it is achieved with a few commands starting with drawing weapon, require shield, change to rune, hold object, press ZL, change weapons and press L and + at the same time.

The complexity of all this series of commands in buttons has left some users joking that this is nothing more than “push buttons“. Although some have tried and the glitch seems to have worked perfectly.

The glitch is curious because it can be achieved in less than 20 seconds, although the user makes it clear that no one has to do it that fast. If the combination is very complicated, there are other glitches that can be used and that give a first person view.

Many players may try, this is a new way to get a view from Link’s eyes and another challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Do youYou are going to try it too? Remember that the only way to achieve this without resorting to these steps is with the Ballad of the Chosen DLC.

Well, right now there is a lot of time since with the coronavirus pandemic still active, still restrictions in many places.

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