Mick McGinty, legendary illustrator of video games in the West like Street Fighter II and Streets of Rage 2 and 3, dies

Mick McGinty, legendary illustrator of video games in the West like Street Fighter II and Streets of Rage 2 and 3, dies

Today the video game world is a little grayer, we receive information about the death of the legendary painter and illustrator Mick McGinty. In life he was well known for his work with videogames in the mid-90s in some such as Street Fighter II, Streets of Rage 2 and 3, Kid chameleon or Shining force.

The news about his death has been given by his son Through the social network Facebook, it is undoubtedly a blow to all the people who have grown up with his works. From our team we send a lot of strength and our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Some of his works can still be seen in his Web page, inaccessible by traditional methods unless Internet Archive is used. In turn, this news comes to us thanks to the information provided in Twitter by VGDensetsu.

In this social network he has made a commemorative thread around his work in videogames, and is that Mick mcginty It is famous in the West for its covers and illustrations. In SEGA, has done work for games like Streets of Rage 2 (cover and an unused proposal) and the North American version of the 3rd episode.

Mcginty he also did the cover, as well as the promotional illustration, of the game Mega drive what was originally posted on Mega Drive. Fun fact is that comment, since it was his own son who posed for the original cover.

But the creative ability of Mick McGinty did not stop him from continuing to create works, at the same time he continued illustrating videogames. Other titles that Traysia brought to life, also for Sega Mega Drive and Chicago Syndicate, released for Game Gear in 1996.

His work will be remembered in games for Sony’s first console, PlayStation, with the game Off-World Interceptor Extreme.

Other well-known illustrations of his include those of the Sol-Feace, Monster Bass and Battle Cars games.

This year, Street Fighter II in arcades turned 30

With this situation that we still live around the coronavirus pandemic, this type of news does not help. However, your family may find it comforting to know that Mick McGinty had an extraordinary life and much loved around the world.

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