If you are one of those lucky people who managed to get hold of the PS5, congratulations! Now it’s time to give the controls to the full and enjoy the news of the new generation of consoles. But when you open the box, you have surely noticed something very unsubtle: The PS5 takes up a lot of space!

This is not a novelty, because in the presentation videos its enormous size was already sensed, but it is also a nuisance to put this monstrosity on the living room furniture, if it even fits. The solution to enjoy the PS5 and save space at home! Hang it on the wall with the fashionable bracket! As you hear it. And only for 29.99 euros!

Get this wall mount for your PS5 for 29.99 euros!

We are talking about a wall mount from the sciuU brand compatible with Playstation 5. This stand will turn your PS5 into a painting that you can hang on the wall to enjoy your games without the console eating you space in the living room.

Yes, yes, as you hear it: a bracket to hang the PS5 on the wall vertically, which is perfect for saving space on the cabinet below the TV. It is nailed to the wall using dowels and screws and the console is nailed to the support with a screw at the bottom so that it is well secured, without fear of falling to the ground.

It has two types of screws to fix the console: one is similar to an original screw And it can be installed with a screwdriver; the other can be screwed on or removed directly by hand, which is convenient to remove the console at any time.

The support is of high quality, very resistant and ultra stable. It is made of 2mm thickened metal with a reinforced frame design to give your console a safe and stable place just for her. What’s more, is painted white to match the PS5, with abrasion and scratch resistant paints.

It is designed to fit 100% with the new Sony console, so it will be perfect on this media, whether it is the digital version or the version with a disc slot. The raised structure at the bottom of the stand perfectly adapts to the shape of the console base, with the hole for ventilation, thus improving stability and heat dissipation.

So you see: an exquisite option to enjoy your PS5 without taking up too much space at home, and all for 29.99 euros. A solution as aesthetic as it is practical, and that you can adopt tomorrow at home if you buy the support with an account of Amazon prime, which includes expedited shipping at no additional cost.