This figure of the princess Zelda is very realistic, has LED lighting and is on sale at Amazon

This figure of the princess Zelda is very realistic, has LED lighting and is on sale at Amazon

Although Link is the protagonist of one of the most famous sagas of Nintendo, the name of the video game alludes to the other key character: Princess Zelda, who through almost every game has accompanied the hero on his adventures.

Zelda awakens passions and she did more with her design in Breath of the Wild, the last title in the franchise’s official chronology and that inaugurated the Nintendo switch. And now, you can have Princess Zelda always present with this realistic figure of Zelda in BotW by 79 euros.

Get this realistic figure of Princess Zelda for 79 euros!

The original price of this figure is 90.75 euros, so this represents a saving of 13% on your purchase. Although it is not as cheap as others, it makes up for it with its incredible quality and its size, moderate but enough to attract the attention of all your guests.

Designed by the figurine brand First 4 Figures, this replica of Princess Zelda it is made of PVC. He has a static but commanding pose and holds the Sheika Stone in hand, as he stares straight ahead with determination.

The figure stands 23 centimeters tall and features beautiful finishes and details. The painting is excellent and not a wrinkle is missing from the clothes, so it will seem that Zelda herself has jumped off the screen to live an adventure with you as a companion or companion.

But the best thing about this figurine is that it is collectible and glows in the dark. It does not shine on its own, but includes bright LED functions for both the Sheika Stone and the base. All you need is a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB connector and the figure will light up in Breath of the Wild’s signature blue.

If you are a fan of the greatest video game saga of all time, you cannot miss the opportunity to have this realistic figure of Princess Zelda with LED lighting included, and even less now that it is reduced to 79 euros on Amazon.

And remember: if you buy it with an account Amazon prime, you will receive it immediately at home thanks to fast shipping at no additional cost. If you don’t have a Prime account, you can open one right now and enjoy this and other benefits for 30 days totally free and with no commitment to stay.

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