The Apple AirPods 3 are already in production, expecting an early launch

Los Apple AirPods 3 están ya en producción, esperándose un lanzamiento temprano 29

Although the arrival of the iPhone 13 and the new design of the Apple Watch Series 7 were a big surprise during the last Apple event, there were not a few fans who missed the presentation of the already rumored new AirPods 3. Although it seems be that they should not wait long either.

Although at the moment the reason why Apple would have chosen to delay this announcement of these headphones along with its new generation of smartphones is unknown, as they have shared since Digitimes, AirPods 3 would have already entered the production process, being in fact already in one of the final stages of it, some vendors having already started receiving these next-generation wireless headphones.

Unfortunately, we also don’t know how long this sourcing process could take, or how long Apple might delay the independent event to announce the official launch of the AirPods 3. On the bright side, the fact that the headphones are in production is a pretty good indication. Solid that the new generation will be released within the framework of this year, although only time will tell if Apple will hold another event to launch the headphones.

As anticipated in previous rumors, Airpods 3 will follow the non-Pro line aesthetic, finally obviating the use of silicone plugs for the inner part of the ear.

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Although we will see other of the aforementioned changes, such as the presence of a slightly shorter pole, or the most notable the presence of a large external microphone and speaker in them, which assures us the presence of a noise cancellation functionality for the new AirPods 3. Although according to rumors, it will not be the expected ANC, but Spatial Audio technology seen in AirPods Max.

On the other hand, we can also find a reduction in the general design of the headphones as well as the charging case, with a notably smaller width, maintaining the same battery capacity as current AirPods Pro. In fact, this would not be the only feature inherited from this top headphone family, as these headphones are expected to equip a W2 wireless chip for better connectivity, adding at least a couple of hours to the autonomy of its predecessors.

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