When registering for different services or applications we must put our real name and surname, and if you have a name or a last name Uncommon, you may have encountered a problem and the system did not allow you to register.

Luckily, they are very rare cases, but they usually happen, and now a user on Reddit has shown as his particular surname does not appear to comply with the PlayStation Network terms of service.

In this reddit post the user comes to report that his last name MacManus does not comply with the terms of use of PlayStation Network, when it is a fully legal and recognized surname, and calls on Sony to solve it.

The MacManus surname itself shouldn’t have a problem, but the system seems to think that the user is trying to sneak the word “anus” into the surname when it is a fully legal surname.

Obviously this has caused laughter from the rest of the reddit users who have begun to put other last names in the comments with certain rhymes or even with certain bad words.

Curiously, the user has said that in the video game Madden NFL does not allow him to include this surname either, with which there are already several developers who are going to have to work in their respective services to try to have a fully legal surname recognized.

In any case, it is likely that Sony will end up solving a failure in the system that is originally included to prevent users from using bad names or that may hurt people’s sensibilities.