Having finally known that the next God of War would tackle Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio confirmed that this sequel would mark the end of the Norse saga of the Ghost of Sparta.

The decision surprised many fans after imagining that this game series would also be a trilogy. Nevertheless, God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams and Cory Barlog confirmed the end of this arc.

Do youWhat has been the reason What has prompted the developers to finish Kratos’ story in Nordic lands with this second game? In an interview with the youtuber Kaptain Kuba, Barlog has indicated the reason.

Whoever the director of God of War 2018 was made it clear. The main cause that had made them make this decision it was the long development time of each game. Roughly, the two games have required almost 10 years of development.

Barlog indicated that if another title were released, this would mean that three God of War games of the same theme would have taken 15 years of development, something that they do not see entirely practical and a process too long for the fans.

After this, Barlog added that the plot of this saga was based on the relationship between Kratos and Atreus, so They do not just see it necessary for that story to be unnecessarily prolonged.

The launch of yet another game could also bring problems between consoles. Ragnarok will be intergenerational, but a third title planned for many years to come could be weighed down if it were released this way and not as PS5 exclusive. Will we see more stories from other cultures in the future?

Barlog has been talking about the game and especially what it feels like not to run Ragnarok: “I’m like Rocky’s trainer, outside of the ring.” On the other hand, Eric Williams has also added very valuable information about this sequel.