Amazon Games hires ex-Ybisoft executive to lead competitive multiplayer

Amazon Games hires ex-Ybisoft executive to lead competitive multiplayer

Amazon Game Studios has a new head of its recently opened studio in Montreal, it is a former CEO at Ubisoft Toronto. Alexandre Parizeau has joined the company to lead the development of a big budget competitive multiplayer, according Hollywood Reporter.

Parizeau started at Ubisoft Montreal in 2005 as producer of Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell Conviction. Later, he started out helping out with the opening of Ubisoft Toronto and worked as a producer on Splinter Cell Blacklist, the last installment of the saga Splinter Cell.

After that, Parizeau was promoted from his position and became Managing Director at Ubisoft Toronto, where he worked at games more than known of the company. Happened to be main or co-directed study in games like Watch Dogs Legion, Starlink, Far Cry 5, and Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft toronto was also a key study for its participation as a helper in For Honor, Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Watch Dogs 2. But in mid-2020, Ubisoft had too many headaches, caused on the one hand the coronavirus pandemic.

But on the other, the crisis in the accusations of sexual abuse – which are still ongoing – and for which Parizeau was active announcing the suspension of two employees and the dismissal of a third. One of them was the creative director of Splinter Cell and Far Cry, Maxime Beland, co-founder of the study with him.

Kotaku reported in July 2020 that Parizeau was one of the many responsible for the study who received a letter from more than 100 employees accusing him of widespread harassment in the study.

According to Kotaku, Ubisoft Toronto employees let Parizeau know They were upset and very serious about these accusations. Apparently, the manager himself spoke recently in a company statement about having failed in Human Resources at Ubisoft.

These same employees spoke well of Parizeau and did not mention him in their reports, but they were equally disappointed by how the bullying in the studio was so bad.

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If people have a choice, you will do well“, He said Parizeau in a 2015 interview in the middle “This is the most important thing, it has been part of our culture and philosophy from the beginning“.

Source: Hollywood Reporter (Thanks, PC Gamer)

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