Steam Deck Shown In New Images Confirming Dev Kits Shipment To Studios

Steam Deck Shown In New Images Confirming Dev Kits Shipment To Studios

Steam Deck development and production continues to advance, and Valve is already sending development kits to your partners, which will allow you to test your games running on the new handheld computer / console.

Steam Deck, as announced last July, is a very powerful Linux computer, which will allow you to play hundreds of Steam games comfortably from wherever you are, as if it were a portable console. And what do studios need the development kit for?

“The developer kit program gives us the opportunity to guide developers through the process of integrating their games into the Steam Deck, while we continue to receive your comments “, they explain from Valve. These Steam Deck units, functionally identical to those released to the public, will allow you to check that all games are working properly.

Precisely, the Linux-based Steam Deck Operating System is something that can cause problems when playing gamesBecause with Proton, its compatibility software, not all the games in the Steam catalog work.

This will cause that not all the games that we have on Steam are compatible with Steam Deck, but as they assure from Valve, it is not a problem of lack of power, since the CPU and GPU it is capable of moving the last generations of games with ease.

It’s simply Proton compatibility, something that you can work game by game and it is expected that increase the number of compatible games over time.

Steam Deck will begin shipping later this year, and in the recent statement they also talk about an official launch at the end of the year. However, even if they are paid for and shipped in late 2021, They are expected to arrive in early 2022.

Initial reserves flew, and many were grass of speculation on eBay for more than a thousand euros. Still possible pre-order Steam Deck, at prices ranging from 419 euros to 679 euros, but would not arrive until “after the second quarter of 2022”.

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