If the whole issue in the State of California lawsuit were not already enough – because nothing has been resolved – the Activision Blizzard employees have decided to sue. They have presented to the company all together a lawsuit for unfair labor practices.

As if that were not enough, since last month California had expanded its demand since the company was also interfering in the investigation. But this is different, since after many complaints from employees, strikes, a possible unionization and more, they have now decided give a step forward.

This demand is effective immediately and is already in the crosshairs of Activision Blizzard, since it has been presented since last September 10. Members of the ABK group, of which is part of King, filed these complaints about unfair labor practices with the National Labor Relations Board.

Among the accusations are many serious ones, including forced norms and statements and in a statement, workers from ABK and CWA accuse of “use coercive tactics to try to prevent employees from jointly exercising their rights to a more equitable, sustainable and diverse work environment“.

It is your right as workers to organize a work environment free from abuse, discrimination and sexual abuse, something protected by labor laws.“, it continued. The demand alleges Activision Blizzard has threatened employees and they cannot talk about wages, hours or working conditions.

Has maintained a very broad social media policy“He said, but he has dedicated himself to monitoring and enforcing his policies against employees who”participated in protecting these activities“. An anonymous employee told Vice that some model employees have recently been charged.

For example, these employees they were informed of poor job performance, despite being good previously. Another employee said the company had a “staff bleeding” behind the recent lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

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Meanwhile, oblivious to all this, it seems that working on a new Call of Duty for mobile.

Source: NLRB