It seems incredible what fast as time passesBut that’s the way it is, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. But, hey, not everything is bad since today we celebrate the Skate 14th anniversary. For this reason, the franchise has launched a series of activities like this skate.Reel.

Skate was born 14 years ago, on September 14, 2007Perhaps that is why they have now chosen to show this new platform to share their own content. Everything you have be it videos, captures and even arts created on the occasion of the game, you can publish it on the web.

The team after game just released this skate.Reel, a tribute to the original site where fans of the game can post all kinds of things about it. The Skate community members, What Calplex, Nebula, Skate3Tommy, KellyLitz and others have already started sharing content.

If you want to join them it will be very easy, everything is explained on the official website of skate.Reel, although with the ease of social networks it will be easier than one can imagine In the first moment.

However, all those who visit the skate website, Reel can check the details to upload content and information about upcoming challenges. What’s more, a contest is already active so that this does not go to more and more.

Secondly, the team has published an AMA (Ask me anything) on the official Twitter account of Skate. This has been carried out by the creative directors of the game, check it out as have answered many user questions.

All players interested in Skate, know that Skate and Skate 3 will be accessible through EA Play for Xbox.

Skate 3 too can be played on PC via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate using Xbox Cloud, no one will be left without playing.

Fans reacted to the gameplay of the new EA Skate

A few months ago, EA also made headlines as they hacked it, taking the FIFA 21 source code and the Frostbite graphics engine in 780 GB stolen.