Rozy, the virtual influencer created by an AI to which brands are raffled

Rozy, the virtual influencer created by an AI to which brands are raffled

We live in times when anything is possible. If in the past it was said that the “robots” came to take away our work, now even the new jobs generated in social networks have direct competition from the latest technologies.

Influencers now face a trend that is slowly making its way: the virtual influencers. Rozy has exemplified this by becoming one of the first virtual influencers that is having the most success in social networks.

It is not the first time that we see virtual assistants who “hit” it among users or groups of virtual singers like KDA from League of Legends or Hatsune Miku, but the issue of non-real influencers has started to take off recently.

A few months ago we told you about Ayayi and today we follow the story of Rozy, a Korean virtual influencer created using an AI. The South Korean company Sidus Studio X brought Rozy to life in August 2020 and now this influencer has already achieved tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

The most incredible thing of all is that in less than a year, Rozy has achieved more than 100 endorsements with brands of all kinds and is expected to exceed a million dollars in profits. There seems to be good business here.

The story, which looks like something out of Blade Runner, has generated the interest of many who have already seen the Rozy’s advantages over the competition. As she is not human, the mistakes she can make are practically non-existent, there is no fatigue or pressure, only a single purpose.

However, many others they see this new “profession” as something truly unsettling. The photographs show Rozy almost like a normal person, posing, in everyday settings and following a modus operandi traced to that of other influencers that are so common on RRSS.

And to think that years ago Yo robot seemed unattainable science fiction … All kinds of controversies have been generated on this matter. One of the biggest examples was Seraphine, a LoL character who was created as a virtual influencer.


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