PlayStation 4 receives update 9.00, now available for download

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Today is an important day for all console users PlayStation. Mainly, because PS5 already has a big update available, which enables storage expansion via external SSD, as well as other news.

But not only does PS5 have something new to offer, but PlayStation 4 has also been updated on this day. Sony has released update 9.00 for PS4, which had been in testing for a few months and is finally available.

In addition to improving the overall performance of the console, the version 9.00 add a series of news and new features for PS4. Some of them have to do with its older sister, PS5, to improve the user experience.

Sony has published the full notes of this PS4 update, whose news we will discuss below. The highlight, perhaps, is that PS5 Game Trophies and Full List Now Available on PS4.

Not only that, but also you can see your friends’ PS5 trophies from PS4, and vice versa. Social improvements such as the ability to dissolve groups in one fell swoop, eliminate party sessions, or leave groups with blocked users.

These are the full 9.00 update notes for PlayStation 4:

  • Possibility for players to view their PS5 trophies on their PS4 profile and in the trophy list.
  • Ability to view other players’ PS5 trophies on your PS4.
  • Party owners now also have the ability to disband a party without having to eliminate players one by one.
  • In Messages, if you are the owner of a group, you can now delete the group. From the options menu, select Delete group. If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
  • When you block a user, you can also leave the group that you shared with that blocked user.
  • For parents, they will now receive a notification in the PlayStation app and the PS4 interface when a minor wants to enter into communication with other users (only if parental control is activated).

There is an extra novelty, which is mentioned directly in the update interface of PlayStation 4, which has to do with PS Remote Play. Now you can access the PS4 menu from an Android or iOS device, using remote play.

Update 9.00 now available to download on PS4, so do not hesitate to turn on your console to have the latest news. We say the same with PS5, which already has a huge update available.

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