Nintendo Switch adds Bluetooth audio support in its latest update

Nintendo Switch añade soporte de audio Bluetooth

It has taken no less than four years, and the arrival of two additional models, for us to finally see one of the most demanded features of the Nintendo Switch. And is that your latest software update finally will add support for connecting bluetooth audio devices.

Until now, the only way to connect an audio device to Nintendo Switch consoles was through the 3.5mm audio jack port or its USB-C port, in both cases largely limiting ourselves to the use of analog headphones with cable. In fact, the only way to be able to enjoy a wireless experience was through the need to resort to third-party devices and the use of signal adapters.

As detailed by the company, the Nintendo Switch will now be capable of store up to 10 paired Bluetooth audio devices, although they can only be paired and used one at a time, and only at the same time as up to two controllers wireless. On the other hand, they also point out that these bluetooth audio devices will automatically disconnect when the player engages in “local communication”, such as starting a multiplayer game in local mode.

And it seems that for the moment (and without any expectation of changes for the near future) this functionality will necessarily be limited to individual use of the console.

In addition, the consoles will still not be compatible with microphones, so depending on the device we connect, we could experience some latency problems in the audio.

Other new features of Nintendo Switch 13.0.0

Beyond the good news of bluetooth audio, this new software update also brings other news such as the arrival of new items in system settings, among which options such as “Keep the Internet connection in sleep mode” stand out, a function that will allow us to keep the console and our games always up to date.

In addition, in line with the new stations released together with the Nintendo Switch OLED, the original version will receive the new Update Dock option in the system configuration, which will allow us to use these new stations with a LAN port.

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