Nintendo explains the Nintendo Switch downgrade in Europe and why it won’t go down in the United States

Nintendo explains the Nintendo Switch downgrade in Europe and why it won't go down in the United States

This week the news nintendera started with the permanent price drop of Nintendo Switch, a reduction throughout Europe that left the price at 299.99 euros, according to the official Nintendo website (£ 259.99 in the UK). However, this price drop, which was not officially announced by Nintendo, will not be extended to other regions. Nintendo explains why.

Eurogamer published an official company statement on the reasons for this price drop. “After carefully evaluating several factors, including the Currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch (OLED model), we decided that the time was right.

Before, yes, they clarified that “after more than four and a half years, Nintendo Switch continues to have a strong sales rhythm in Europe“.

Subsequently, the journalist from Axios Stephen Totilo echoed another response from the big N, confirming that they have no plans to extend the rebate to the United States, nor to change the RRP in any of its models.

It is to be assumed that other regions, such as Asia and Japan, Oceania or Latin America, there are no changes in the price either. The new PVP of Nintendo Switch in Europe equates it to that of Xbox Series S, and moves it away from the next Nintendo Switch OLED model, which will be released on October 8 at 349.99 euros.

Today it was launched a major Nintendo Switch update, which adds compatibility with Bluetooth headsets for the first time. This has been the first and only permanent sale of Nintendo Switch, whose Lite model, only portable, stays at 219.99 euros.

Nintendo Switch has already exceeded 90 million consoles sold since launch in March 2017, although the shortage of components could affect sales of the new OLED model if it turns out to be in high demand, as is happening with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Source: Eurogamer, Stephen Totilo

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