Metroid Dread releases new trailer and shows us the new powers of Samus Aran

Metroid Dread releases new trailer and shows us the new powers of Samus Aran

There is less and less left to return to one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises. Metroid Dread will land on Nintendo Switch on October 8, also coinciding with the release of the OLED model of the console.

Dread is the fifth major installment of the Metroid saga, that continues the events that occurred in Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4), but adapting the gameplay to the hybrid console. Of course, we will find a development wider and free, similar to the one seen in Super Metroid.

Nintendo is already preparing the final details for the launch of Metroid Dread, as we were able to see recently with the functionalities of your two amiibo and other figures of the saga. And, for a sample, just above you can see a new game spot.

Samus Aran will have a new costume in Metroid Dread, but that does not mean that we will not see the usual outfit of the heroine. We will have the deadliest weaponry on the planet ZDR, but something dark and mysterious is stalking Samus.

The story of Metroid Dread will take us to the aforementioned planet ZDR, in the middle of the quest for Parasite X that we already saw in Fusion. While there will be a few terrifying items In this fifth installment, its creators emphasize that it is an action adventure and platforms.

Metroid Dread has made a few playable changes. Now we will have a minimap, which will help us explore the planet ZDR and locate ourselves at all times. It will be a much broader and more extensive game, with lots of corners, secrets, and optional bosses.

Sure your hype is already through the roof, but it will be even more so when you see the full 5-minute preview of Metroid Dread. In it we can take a look at the new mechanics, gameplay, graphics and details of the game’s plot.

Metroid Dread is hitting stores next October 8, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you have not yet reserved the game, do not hesitate to do so in the GAME chain of stores, obtaining a beautiful themed mouse pad for your PC.

Source: Nintendo

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