Lost Judgment gets a near perfect score on Famitsu

Lost Judgment gets a near perfect score on Famitsu

Lost Judgment may not be released until next September 24, but specialized opinions on the game are already beginning to be published. Although this time it was only on the part of Famitsu, the Japanese magazine has awarded an almost perfect score.

As reported from the portal Ryokutya2089, the official magazine Famitsu has scored the sequel to Judgment with something near perfect in its four analysts. These they have decided to give 9, 10, 9 and 10, which combined make a total of 38/40.

This is a very good thing for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, although perhaps they are already used to it, since this sequel has received a slightly better score than its predecessor. Judgment had a 37/40 total score on Famitsu, with an analysis of 9/10/9/9 in total.

In their analyzes, Famitsu praises the number of activities included through the game, stating that the quality of his story “it’s better than the one in the previous game“.We could have something even better than what Judgment already was a few years ago?

Lost judgment It is, in turn, a spin-off of the Yakuza saga and the game was shown for the first time through a video presentation last May. Although not before having leaked a day before through PSN.

The game will reach the whole world, in Spain will continue repeating with subtitles in Spanish, next week. Specifically, the next September 24 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PS5, it would only be absent on PC.

Of course, despite Toshihiro Nagoshi himself saying in a presentation “I am confident that we have created a game like you have never seen before“, this Lost Judgment would be the last installment of the saga.

The Yakuza series will remain a turn-based RPG, but the 3D combat system will endure in Lost Judgment

The producer of Lost Judgment explained the challenges posed by the global launch of the game, perhaps due to the added fact of coronavirus.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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