A minor is hospitalized in Spain for his addiction to Fortnite: a unique clinical case in the world is investigated

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Underage players are much more susceptible to one of the great problems that video games can generate: addiction. Therefore, it is always important that a limited use of these is made, especially at these most vulnerable ages.

The consumption of new technologies has exploded among the smallest and the dangers of this have already become apparent. The most recent example is case is unique in the world. A minor has been hospitalized for two months in the province of Castellón, as reported Europa Press.

A team from the Castellón Provincial Hospital, the Jaume I University and the General University Hospital have published the first clinical case of its kind worldwide which addresses this hospitalization and the need for specific treatment for a video game addiction.

The investigation has concluded indicating that a fundamental part to avoid this type of cases is the prevention of these abuses by the minor by “establishing clear and well-defined limits” and “encouraging the practice of other sources of satisfaction.”

The decision to hospitalize the minor came after observe a series of clear symptoms. Mention is made of a serious addiction of a minor adolescent towards Fortnite. Behaviors such as rejection of social relationships, isolation at home, inflexibility …

In addition, it is also exposed that the minor, with a previous high academic performance, began to develop a increased school absenteeism, breaking of rest schedules and a disengagement from the course itself.

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Regarding the treatment being followed, a intensive multidisciplinary approach with a cognitive behavioral approach which also affects the patient’s family members.

Fortnite is not the first time it has starred in incidents with minors. Not long ago we got to know another surprising case. A father lost custody of his son with addiction problems to Fortnite and RRSS after the judge’s sentence.

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