Despite the fact that GTA 5 has been with us for eight years since its original release, the truth is that the map continues to offer a multitude of secrets that players are discovering week after week, but there may be a specific part of the map that you have not taken a good look at.

And it is that the community of players continues to investigate the map of GTA 5 until Rockstar finally dares to announce a new numbered installment of the series, which it seems that will not happen in the short term in view of the fact that GTA 5 next generation was delayed recently until March 2022, although it apparently does not seem to bring much news compared to the original title.

The community is beginning to react negatively to Rockstar due to the slowness in releasing a new GTA numbered installment, and there are users who decide to take everything with a lot of philosophy and humor, and they think they see Homer Simpson’s face on the GTA 5 map.

This is at least one Reddit user who has compared the map of GTA 5 seen from the sky with the face of the good Homer from The Simpsons, and the truth that it seems that now that we see it it does have a certain resemblance.

However, reading the comments on reddit there are even other users who seem to see even other characters, so in the end everything remains in the imagination of each one.

What is clear is that Rockstar is facing, possibly, the great launch of its history with the hypothetical GTA 6, since if they do not meet expectations after so many years of waiting, it could cause a negative earthquake from the community of players that she’s already starting to get tired of a fifth installment that, despite this, is still as fun as the first day.