For several months, Sony published a new PS5 model in Japan, which arrived in Australia last month. The most diverse of all is that the console came with a heat dissipator smaller and lighter, in addition to other changes such as its screwdriver on the base, but it seems that it does cool the console.

This began to reach more serious ears after, apparently, an analysis revealed this and that for this reason the console would heat up more. But nothing further, at first it was thought that this was so because the console gave off more heat, something for which they thought that it did not fulfill its function well.

As reported from Ars Technica, after many detailed and precise tests of Hardware Busters InternationalThis is so because the heatsink fulfills its function. That is, the new ventilation system is making a better job removing heat from the console, since that’s what they are for.

The tests performed by these channels have measured the temperature of APU, memory, voltage regulator modules (VRM) and ventilation when playing Devil May Cry 5 in both PS5 models. The air outlet was a few degrees warmer on the new PS5, but inside it was different.

In fact, in the APU of the new one was 11ºC less, dropping from 51º to 40ºC. Regarding the memory temperature and VRM, these rose a little in the new, with the first around 7ºC and the second over 1.3ºc more, but in none of the cases does this affect the reliability or longevity of the PlayStation 5.

The effect is seen in the new APU temperature, which makes it worth it. These results have been compared on the starting PS5 and the new model, but these numbers may differ with tests of greater scope.

Image by Hardware Busters International

However, at least they can convince users that a new heatsink, and smaller like the one on PS5, does not mean worse results when expelling heat. The new ‘design’ of PS5 It has a model number CFI-1102A, while the original is CFI-1000.

In case of want to see proactive comparisonsKeep these two numbers in mind when checking which one it is. The team that has shown this data has also found other minor differences in the system, although they maintain their judgment that it keeps the console cool.

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The new PS5 model it was about a decibel louder and consumed about a watt more, but this type of difference does not make the difference between one model and another.

You may be interested to know that the new update of the PlayStation app allows you to control the storage of your PS5.