Yesterday we brought you the new creation of Kotobukiya, who had made a new and bloody version of his iconic figure of Slaughter, in which they introduced us to the symbiote of Cletus Kassady with a size of 19 centimeters, made to scale 1/10, and with a weight of 1,100 grams.

And we already told you that together with the figure of The Carnage Renewal Edition ARTFX + Statue they also launched their perfect complement, that of Venom Renewal Edition ARTFX + Statue, which brings us a very detailed model of a symbiote: Venom.

In the venom figure we find a much larger and more aggressive character, in an attacking pose raising his hand and with an open mouth full of sharp teeth, fierce eyes and a twisted tongue.

The scale is back to 1/10, and its height is reduced a couple of centimeters by having Venom on all fours instead of upright as in that of Carnage, but it almost doubles the weight of the previous one with 2.7 kg.

Have the partner of Carnage and Venom it will come out for you $ 189.98, since both figures are priced at $ 94.99. Reservations are already available and can be made through the page of Kotobukiya or from Sideshow for international shipments. Shipments will begin to be made from the second quarter of 2022.

The movie of Venom: There Will Be Carnage hit theaters next October 8th, with Venom and Carnage as the main protagonists, so these new editions of their figures could not have come at a better time.

In the tape we will follow the story behind the events that occurred in the first Venom installment, with Eddie brock sharing a closer bond with his symbiote and with the psychopath Cletus Kasady just out of the psychiatric hospital carrying Matanza inside him.