Elden Ring has been, since its announcement in 2017, one of the most anticipated games in recent years. Little by little they go revealing things around its gameplay, which now appears to be that the game will allow locate and mark your towers with ease, to make exploring easier.

This expectation is not surprising, it is a new universe devised by FromSoftware – creators of the Souls saga, Bloodborne and Sekiro- in a collaborative work with George RR Martin. The title, which will arrive in January 2022 -if nothing prevents it– seems to confirm a form of gameplay reminiscent of Ubisoft.

In an interview with Yasuhiro Kitao for the Indonesian portal Jagatplay, some have come to light new Elden Ring details. When asked about exploration and how it will encourage players to research the world, Kitao replied sincerely.

Of course we want players to explore the world of Elden Ring as much as possible and to do so with the freedom that is open to them. Knowing this, from the first moment they will be able to do it, go to the nearest Legacy dungeon or even take a detour and look for some small“.

But then another question arose, this time about how these players will navigate the world of Elden Ring, what Kitao mentioned: “They may miss a small dungeon in the Midlands, especially during exploration.“.

But relax, we will add some ways to help you find them, such as finding a structure called Atalaya that will give you a better view of everything around it.“It is certain that at this time All this from another universe will sound a lot to you.

You can zoom in with this structure and find dungeons that will be automatically marked on the map“, one more sample that FromSoftware has borrowed these mechanics, but that will surely add your personal touch.

For now, and as usual in their games, little or nothing is known because the developer wants the experience to remain as intact as possible. And considering their games, so it will be.

Elden Ring would be part of the PAX West 2021 schedule, according to its Steam file

Elden Ring will arrive on January 21, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

Source: eXputer