After the renovation that God of War represented on PS4 for the PlayStation saga, the last event held revealed that one of its main architects, Cory Barlog is not directing God of War Ragnarok.

Instead, this position is now in the hands of the SIE Santa Monica Studio Director Eric Williams, who has participated and has been involved in all the games of the Ghost of Sparta saga. Both protagonists of the news have been commenting on the reasons for the change.

Williams praised his colleague and explained why this decision had been made: It has always been a tradition here at Santa Monica Studio to change directors throughout the games.

We had had very good success with Cory being the only director to repeat with God of War II and God of war (2018) and rightly so, since he is very good at what he does, he qualified.

On the other hand, Barlog himself added that this decision had been based on that spirit of renewal that characterizes the development team and on intended to keep things fresh to offer a new perspective.

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So what is Barlog up to? There seem to be quite a few projects going on in Santa Monica. In fact, we are doing a lot of things. It’s really exciting all the things we’re doing, indicated the manager. Some time ago, projects were discussed again.

But I really don’t have anything I can talk about at the moment, specifically. Above all because we are really focused on God of War Ragnarok. I think we will wait to delve into anything else until later.

What did you think of the God of War Ragnarok trailer? Is there hype for this new installment? It has already been confirmed that It will be the end of the Norse saga of Kratos, so there is a lot to see in this game.

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Source: PlayStation