The stigma that video games are for young people has been falling apart for many years … and this news is a direct consequence of it. Attention to how a mother can become a professional gamer from Fortnite.

Surely many of you know the name of Benjyfishy, a well-known professional player from Epic’s Battle Royale … but you may not know his mother. Anne Fish, 58, decided he wanted dedicate yourself professionally to his passion: videogames.

And it has more than succeeded. Anne Fish has signed with the Galaxy Racer agency, which has up to 11 Fortnite eSports teams with players from 20 different countries. They saw tremendous potential in women, and did not hesitate to incorporate her into their team.

Before the astonished gaze of his son, whose nickname is Benjyfishy, Anne has been uploading videos and live streams on Twitch since February 2021about Fortnite. At first he was only limited to camping and surviving in the Battle Royale, but little by little he improved his skills.

My reflexes are not as good as those of the young players, so I have to be more strategic. I thought ‘It would be great to see if I can make it to the solo champions division,’ which I did.” Anne Fish explains in an interview.

The 58-year-old woman achieved spectacular figures with her Twitch channel. We are talking about 430,000 followers and an average of 770 viewers per live, which certainly caught the attention of Galaxy Racer.

Having demonstrated his Fortnite skills at our recent tournament, the Aubameyang Cup, his years of experience in the industry, including managing Benjyfishy, ​​and a shared passion for fostering greater inclusion in gaming and esports, we are proud to welcome Anne to the Galaxy Racer” explains Paul Roy, its CEO.

Moving on to talking about Fortnite, you already know that On September 12, the final event of season 7 is celebrated, Operation Sky on Fire. Here you have everything you need to know: date, time, contents and details that you cannot miss.

Source: Gaming Bible