The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch reaches its all-time low price

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch reaches its all-time low price

A couple of months after its release, the Skyward Sword remake continues to wage war. And this game, now a classic on the Wii, has conquered the hearts of those who were already fans of Zelda, as well as neophytes and neophytes who have lived with this their first adventure with Link and Zelda.

If you haven’t had a chance to play the remastered version of this underrated gem yet, now is your time: Amazon has downgraded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo switch at its historic low price, for what it costs you only 45.99 euros.

Get Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch for 45.99 euros!

Note that the game came out just a couple of months ago and Nintendo is very reluctant to lower the prices of its most successful products except in specific moments, por what this discount of more than 10 euros is more than welcome to play an excellent title.

And what about the game? This is the remastering of one of the lesser-known installments of this saga. In fact, at the time it did not even reach four million copies, placing it behind other games in the franchise such as those of the NES, A Link to the Past or Wind Waker, among others. An unfairly underrated Zelda who now returns to fight for the throne.

This remastering has taken advantage of the platform it is on very well, as it maintains its characteristic WiiMote movement control through the Switch’s Joy-Con, adapting to the controls of the new console and improving them, since lmovements are smoother and more intuitive than in the original version.

So much so that Nintendo launched specific Joy-Con to enjoy this game and with a beautiful design in cerulean blue with golden touches, with Skyward Sword motifs to fully immerse yourself in this adventure.

So take advantage of the fact that Amazon has lowered Skyward Sword HD to its historic low price and finally enjoy it on your Nintendo Switch for just 45.99 euros, accompanying Link and the mysterious Fay on an adventure much deeper than it might seem.

And remember: if you buy it with an account Amazon prime, you will receive it immediately at home thanks to fast shipping at no additional cost. If you don’t have a Prime account, you can open one right now and enjoy this and other benefits for 30 days totally free and with no commitment to stay.

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