Tales of Arise has a physical release on Xbox that includes two discs for One and Series X | S

Tales of Arise has a physical release on Xbox that includes two discs for One and Series X | S

Tales of Arise release is imminent and surely the good repercussion it has had by the press (here is our analysis) has left fans and interested in getting into this franchise wanting to try it more.

Before its launch, Bandai Namco has been able to confirm some details regarding the different versions of the game and their platforms. Tales of Arise is an intergenerational release and features some new features on next-gen consoles.

In this case, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 versions They have better loading times and the possibility to choose between two modes (resolution or priority at 60 fps). In addition, it offers free update for last generation versions.

However, it was possible to know that, finally, the Xbox console version has a unique feature, leaving Tales of Arise in a curious limb when it comes to updates. The physical edition has two discs and both are required on both One and X | S Series.

The Smart Delivery system It greatly simplifies things for Xbox users, since it selects the best version of the game that is purchased for the console in which you want to enjoy. However, here we witness a different case.

As explained from ResetEra taking as reference the Bandai Namco website, Tales of Arise for Xbox will be delivered as a cross-generation double pack stating the following: After the installation of the Xbox One or Xbox Series X version of the game, the disc will be required to play. Both discs must be kept for the game to play.

On the other hand, when buying digitally, will be given to choose the version that the player wants to download. Of course, it is not a bad thing as such, although it is something that has caught the attention of a few users, since the two versions also have their own list of trophies.

Either one way or another, what counts here is being able to enjoy a great game. Tales of Arise is a High-quality JRPG and a great anniversary gift to celebrate 25 years of the franchise.

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