Kingston XS2000

Kingston XS2000, an external SSD, small and very fast

Kingston XS2000 is a storage solution that can be carried anywhere in a pocket due to its small size and connects to a modern USB Type-C port that is increasingly popular in world computing.

Solid state drives are widely used today as client storage for our PCs, but they also show their advantages for external storage as they combine their high performance with total mobility. Not only are they much smaller than mechanical hard drives, but they consume less power, are lightning fast, and offer consumers and professionals data backups on the fly or all possibilities as a bootable drive to run / install operating systems or applications, as we have seen in the analysis of some models.

The unit that occupies us that comes from the flash memory subsidiary of Kingston Technology is a good sample. It has a minimum size of 69.54 x 32.58 x 13.5 mm and a weight of 28 grams. It has a rubberized, reinforced and removable cover, with IP55 certified for resistance to water, dust and shocks, and operation from -20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees which enables it to operate in all types of environments.

Its performance is very high and if you use the most advanced internal version of the port it supports, USB 3.2 Gen2, you can achieve speeds of 2,000 Mbytes per second data transfer both in sequential reading and writing. A performance that enables you to store and edit high resolution images, videos up to 8K and handle large files in an instant.

Kingston XS2000, capacity and price

Externally connected to a port such as USB Type C, which is increasingly widespread in world technology, it is compatible with the main desktop platforms, Windows, Linux or macOS, and also with mobile phones. The manufacturer offers five year warranty and markets the solution in three storage capacities and with the following prices:

  • 500GB: $ 99
  • 1TB: $ 159
  • 2TB: $ 284





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