Cookie Clicker is the latest fad on Steam: such a passive game where all you have to do is give infinite clicks to a cookie, to win more and more cookies. An idea without any apparent interest, but that has already conquered thousands of players, bringing together to 65,000 simultaneous players, and going up, according to SteamDB. And that, being paid.

Cookie Clicker was developed in a single day by Julien Thiennot in August 2013, published on the web and shared by forums until, in a short time, it brought together tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even million and a half players some days during that summer.

It was one of the first games of the genre “idle game“games with a very limited interaction and that require little attention (generally based on pressing a button over and over again), but are very addictive.

The case of Cookie Clicker is, together with Cow Clicker, the best known of these games, and over the years it has been updated, adding a soundtrack and other functions that made the idea somewhat more complex, such as buying farms and factories to increase our production of cookies, grandmothers who give funny advice , portals to other worlds or heavenly enhancements That means that, if we end our game, in the next one we have a permanent bonus.

All with a sense of sarcastic humor in the drawings and descriptions. Of course, the mechanics are always the same: click on a cookie to do more, although in this version of Steam they have including minigames.

Cookie Clicker costs 3.99 euros on Steam, and is currently on the list of the 10 best-selling games on Steam, along with games like Tales of Arise, Fall Guys or New World. Will you buy it to play it in a Steam deck? Maybe you will also fall into their addiction …