Kena Bridge of Spirits: “I think it’s an incredible game that is going to surprise a lot of people,” says one of its actors.

Kena Bridge of Spirits: "I think it's an incredible game that is going to surprise a lot of people," says one of its actors.

One of the most powerful indie releases of the month is Kena Bridge of Spirits, a debut feature from the small studio Ember Lab that will be released on September 21 on PS5, PS4 and PC and that has attracted attention for its artistic design and animation.

Due to the proximity of this date we have been able to find out more impressions and expectations about this game hand in hand with the team that has participated in bringing it to life. In this case, Tod Fennel, voice actor, has spoken with Gaming Bolt.

The actor who voices Taro, one of the game’s characters, has been offering details about the development process, some playable details, and his thoughts on the final result of this Kena Bridge of Spirits.

The good relationship you have had with the Ember Lab team and the collaboration and kindness they had maintained in terms of dubbing and writing.

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In aspects more linked to gameplay, Fennel highlighted the variety of situations and the ability of the title to move from one state to another and that the player accompany him on this journey:

I was definitely surprised by how quickly and smoothly the game goes from a lighthearted feel to intense boss battles. This is technically accomplished through impressive use of visual and musical options.

Finally, the actor was really optimistic about the game and raised the hype for this play. I think it’s an amazing game that is going to surprise a lot of people. The depth of the characters, the attention to detail, and the visuals will have people begging for a sequel. Fingers crossed!

Tod Fennel was the same man who previously compared the game to a Pixar movie. In a few days we will be able to see what the final result of this promising work is.

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