Our guide to The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD it is coming to its end. There is only one dungeon left, although to reach it you must first hold a final judgment of the spirit. And this time, it is in a location that you will know very well: Altárea. Doing so will open the seventh and final dungeon – the Celestial Tower.

Get ready to follow with us the end of this great Nintendo Switch game, a remaster of the original Wii released ten years ago, now with traditional button controls that make it more accessible. Unlike Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword and classic Zelda are more linear… and that sometimes makes them more confusing, because it is not easy to get lost. That’s what we are here for!

Step by step guide The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD (26) Judgment of the Spirit of Altarea and Celestial Tower – Part 1

Judgment of the Spirit of Altarea

This is the ultimate spirit judgment. Go to the large plaza in Altárea and look for a group of Sacral Butterflies hovering around a mysterious glow on the ground (if you don’t see it, use the tracking function to locate the exact location). At that point you should remove the Lyre of the Goddess and start playing it.

You will have to pass the final test, with the same rules that you already know. Follow the same advice we gave you before and gather the 15 tears needed without being damaged by the guardians. When you get it you will receive the ordeal gem, which you must place on a statue that is crossing the platforms above the water. By doing so, you will be able to access the last dungeon in the game, the Celestial Tower.

Celestial Tower – Part 1

Room 1. Open the chest with the dungeon map and examine the mechanism near the next door. It is used to move the different rooms of the dungeon around. Move the right center piece down, and the center piece to the right. Enter the next door.

Room 2. In this room you will have to use almost all your gadgets. Go right, and when you hit the cliff, launch the Telescarabajo to hit the object that is holding the bottom vine. Cross to the other side with the help of the Whip. Eliminate the flying enemy with an arrow and advance with the Claws through the rolling vines until you get hooked on a target.

Then send the Telescarabajo to collect bomb flowers to eliminate the enemies that are inside the holes, and then hold on to the vine to advance. Use the Air Amphora to balance the platforms and reach the other side, where you can continue to the next room. But first activate the shooter, since it will be useful as a shortcut later.

Room 3. Grab the orb to your left and go the only way possible. When you get to some stairs that you cannot climb with the orb, leave it and go up to activate a shooter above. Then go down again, grab the orb, stand on the switch and throw the orb into the hole. Go up the stairs again, hit the switch and collect the orb.

Later, get on the platform that has a grinder, leave the orb there and use the Air Amphora to advance. When you get to the gate, jump off the platform (but leave the orb on it) and go to the raised platform with a switch that opens the gate. Stand on top of it and from there use the Air Amphora to move the platform forward. Then shoot an arrow at the eye of the wall and you can reach the orb and keep moving forward. Up ahead you’ll see a shooter (activate it to form a shortcut later) and another switch – step on it and throw the orb through the hole.

In the next room you must shoot a series of eyes on the wall while the orb circulates through the mechanism and its influence comes into contact with them; if you miss any, you can always throw the orb through the hole it came out of and turn the lever with the whip to change its direction. When you hit all the eyes, you will be able to access a new mechanism to move the rooms.

Move them in the following order: the upper middle down, the upper left to the right, the middle left up, the lower left up, the lower middle to the left, the middle down, and the middle left to the center. Now you must go back through the last two rooms (use the shortcuts that you have formed with the shooters), to the door of Room 2 through which you entered at the beginning from Room 1, it will take you to a new room.

Room 4. Advance until you enter a narrow passage and then turn left to reach a place with bombs. Roll one down the chute and you will destroy some rocks, so now you can continue around and reach a hole that you can dig in. Flip the red switch and get out. Go again crawling through the conduit and proceed along the path that you have opened. A text on a stone will tell you to activate the switches behind the statues in order from lowest to highest.

First of all you have to dunk a bomb in them. There are three of them, and you have the first one going down a sandy slope. You must drop a bomb rolling from the stone circle. The second is by your side, it has no loss. Then throw a bomb against the trees that you will see closer, and a Telescarabajo to grab the bomb there and carry it to the tallest statue. After activating the three switches in order, a gate will open and you can continue moving forward.

Get into digging through the hole that you will see and use the bomb to break the rocks (you will have to hit it twice, and for the second you will have to go around) and press the blue switch. Then exit through the hole you entered and you will be able to reach another hole, in which two enemies are waiting for you. After defeating them, exit through the other hole: activate the shooter (do not manipulate the room-moving mechanism for now) and go through the next door.

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