One of the most memorable days in a couple’s life is the wedding day, and especially the subsequent banquet with all the family members together, delicious food and a superb multi-tiered wedding cake that you would surely love to try.

But a video posted on TikTok has brought controversy about it, where we can see a multi-tiered wedding cake covered in sugary cream frosting and smeared with edible balls, all normal up to here.

But if the normal thing is to see figurines of the bride and groom embracing, kissing or holding hands, this wedding cake is different, because you can see the groom playing the video game Call of Duty: Warzone while the bride, with the lofty suit , is right behind, watching the scene.


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East video It has gone viral with more than 7.6 million views, 711,000 likes and more than 8,400 comments, some highlighting the couple’s sense of humor but others criticizing the scene.

Some of the users who have commented on the viral publication have pointed out that “If you’re happy that’s the life you’ve signed up for, then good for it, but no way would I do that”Says pixielavercombe.

On the other hand, Elllisenn qualifies this creation as “saddest wedding cake I’ve ever seen”, While user Mia.odea has pointed out“imagine embarrassing yourself in front of all your guests like this”.

There are also positive reviews as Oliverjaytaylor has pointed out where he states that “the couple has shown that they have a very good sense of humor”.