They recreate Springfield, the city of The Simpsons, in City Skylines with very successful and realistic results

They recreate Springfield, the city of The Simpsons, in City Skylines with very successful and realistic results

Cities: Skylines can be a huge game, and very creative. And if not, let them tell this player who has decided recreate springfield, the city of The Simpsons, in the game and with very successful and realistic results.

You already know that The Simpson It is one of the most remembered, beloved, and longest-running series – animation and in general – of all time. So it is not strange that, in addition to remembering their moments and / or phrases of the characters, they also recreate the particular city of Springfield.

TO late 90’s and early 00’s, players could enjoy many yellow family games, many of them iconic. Therefore, this fan and gamer of the series and City: Skylines has decided to recreate the metropolis in the simulation game.

Since it went on sale in March 2015, the colossal order game and edited by Paradox Interactive he has been very successful for his creativity. This left mods wanting to make their own creations, or ultimately whatever they wanted.

Under the possibility of create laws for the city, traffic, police and even electricity and water, everything can be modified. That is why two dollars twenty, the creator, decided to use the game to create his own sprinfield town, with great detail from a first-person perspective.

Although that is sometimes put aside by a third person, showing that we are within the classic homer’s pink car. As the video progresses, signs with remembered characters are seen, the well-known Lard Lad Donuts and even the Comics Store.

The video collects the Homer’s way home from work at the Nuclear Plant, but with sound effects from the series and music, so that it seems that we are in the car assembled with homer; it is very worth listening to the song from Tito Puente to Mr. Burns wave of Gunner, among other.

The posters that you see are another success, since at the beginning you see the Krusty Clown School, but later announced the Radioactive Man movie. Shortly after starting the video, a Easter Egg From Another Matt Groening Series Appears Through The Sky.

The Simpsons co-showrunner Matt Selman would love a Hit & Run return, but admits it’s “complicated.”

If you they like the simpsons so much like this user, very attentive to this replica of his that broadcasts a random episode when turned on.

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