Prepare for what you are going to see because the biggest crossover ever created comes true with a new collection of figures Funk Pop! What do not you believe it? Wait to see the images that accompany this news.

You are right, the bar is very high, because in HobbyConsolas we have already seen what the Ninja Turtles are fused with Star wars, what would the characters of My hero academia enjoying of Jujutsu Kaisen and what do the characters of One piece in the last comic of Aquaman.

Now it’s the turn of Naruto and Hello Kitty! The first time we got to see this fusion was in a clothing range launched by BoxLunch and in some stuffed animals Kidrobot; the figures Funko Pop! have been the next lucky ones to receive this crossover between the characters of Naruto and the characters created by Sanrio.

As you can see, the characters return to the roles they previously had, so Pochacco is again disguised as Kakashi, Chococat plays the role of Sasuke, Badtz-Maru becomes Itachi, My melody takes the appearance of Sakura and Hello Kitty turns into Naruto.

naruto hello kitty sanrio funko pop

This adorable new collection baptized as Naruto: Shippuden x Sanrio Funko Pop you have already opened your reservations through the page Entertainment earth. Keep in mind that some are exclusive to certain stores, such as the Hello Kitty Funko that glows in the dark and is only available in Target, or the exclusive Flocked Chococat FYE.

If you are not interested in these Funko Pop! but you have some other toy in mind, it is a good time to stop by this selection of Funko Pop that Zavvi has on offer, with figures from the universes of Marvel and DC or sleeves like My hero academia.