There has been a good stir with this matter and the controversy has been established, as always, around the opinions of some who have wanted to report on the changes that the new PS5 model has brought.

Last week we knew that the previously Lighter PS5 model announced It had been subjected to some tests to check its differences with respect to the first PS5 launched at the end of last year. The situation of this youtuber has escalated to overwhelming limits.

Austin Evans, youtuber with more than 5 million subscribers, He indicated that while it is true that the new PS5 model weighed 300 grams less, it had a smaller heat sink, which caused the console to heat up 3 to 5 degrees more than the original model.

This has caused the youtuber to be widely criticized by a sector that accuses him of lying and has charged violently against this user. In a new video, Austin has reported on his situation and He has defended the comparison he published a few days ago.

All I’ve said is that based on my own testing, it looks like it’s getting hotter, which would logically make sense with a smaller heatsink. And therefore, you might have some problems in the future.

In addition, this new publication showed surprised by the level of harassment he has received from some users, who have made fun of him, have belittled him and have even threatened to kill him by leaking personal information.

Unfortunately, the news, despite its rudeness, is not surprising, since the scale of verbal violence on the Internet and within the field of video games is, unfortunately, our daily bread. Regarding the model new from PS5, we will be attentive to know all its characteristics.