Yesterday, Marvel left us enthralled with the fourth episode of What would happen if …?, The series that addresses situations and characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he changes them to tell the same story in an alternate universe, with substantial changes.

Yesterday was the turn for Doctor Strange, the 2016 movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Scott derrickson that narrated the conversion of Stephen Strange at Supreme Sorcerer from Marvel.

The opening bars of the episode, with the notable exception that Christine Palmer died in Strange’s accident.

Even though the Supreme Sorcerer ends up defeating Dormamu, then use the Time Gem to go back to the moment when Christine dies and try to save her.

The episode of What If …? will take on a very intense dramatic look, with the Doctor Strange trying to acquire more power to save his beloved. However, the price for their actions would be too high.

It is also a very bizarre episode as it is the first in which a character interacts with The vigilant, the omniscient narrator who has the voice (in original version) of Jeffrey Wright.

Scott Derrickson has been asked for his opinion on this alternate version of the Doctor Strange movie. The filmmaker has defined this iteration as “fantastic”, explaining that he was able to see a preliminary cut of the episode.

Derrickson “turned away” from Doctor Strange in the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, due to recurring “creative differences”, handing over the director’s chair to Sam raimi. However, Derrickson remains linked to the film as an executive producer.

The episode of What If …? yesterday is not leaving anyone indifferent, and is a new demonstration of how Marvel deals with pain and loss through some of its characters.