Netflix shows new images of the animated episode of season 6 of Lucifer

Netflix shows new images of the animated episode of season 6 of Lucifer

The next September, 10th, Netflix will dress up to say goodbye to one of his most popular “adoptive” series: Lucifer. Tom Ellis and Lauren German prepare to say goodbye to their characters after six seasons playing the devil and the inspector Chloe decker.

In the previews of the final season of Lucifer we could see that, following the tradition of having a special episode, the series will have an animated cartoon-style episode.

In previous seasons we have had “rare episodes” like the noir themed one or the musical we had in the second half of season 5.

Netflix has shared (via Collider) a series of images from the well-known animated episode. They do not contain anything relevant that could be considered a spoiler.

One of Lucifer’s showrunners, Joe hendersonHe said long ago that this animated episode was always in his imagination, but until now he was not sure if it would materialize.

To make the animated episode of Lucifer, the series has had the team of the animated series for adults of Harley quinn which airs on HBO Max and which recently was the center of a notorious controversy about what Batman could or could not do in terms of the bedroom.

Henderson also said that the episode would be inspired by the Looney tunes and similar cartoons, although it did not reveal anything of the plot. We only know the title, Yabba Dabba Do Me, a clear reference to The Flintstones.

The Lucifer season 6 has the task of successfully closing all the open plots of a series that Fox canceled after its third season, but that Netflix rescued to give continuity and for Lucifer to free himself completely from his chains.

Now, near the end of the race, we look back and look back at those first episodes with the King of Hell using his power to extract confessions from thugs who would see true terror face to face. As time goes!

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