When it comes to choosing peripherals to play, or simply to work with a computer, there is no limit. There will always be a more advanced and of course more expensive device. But if you want a top level gaming monitor, this Samsung QLED (one of Samsung’s leading imaging technologies) is one of the best you can buy. It is curved, ultra panoramic, very large, and of great quality.

Specifically, we are talking about the Samsung LC49RG90SSRXEN. Surely his name tells you little. But on your gaming desk I assure you that it will tell you much more. It’s ultra-panoramic and so wide that it will take up much of the width of your setup. Still, it’s not monstrously large, and it’s great for both play and work. its price is 799 euros right now in PcComponentes.

Get this 49-inch ultra-wide monitor from Samsung at the best price

There are many things that stand out about this monitor. Design is one of the first things to take a glance at. Not only is it very long, but it has really thin bezels. AND the curve of the screen is optimal, both aesthetically, giving it a premium look, as at a functional level, as it is a monitor that surrounds us.

The image quality of this Samsung gaming monitor is based on three pillars. The resolution is Dual Quad HD. It is not 4K like this other more normal Samsung, but that is not a problem in this case.

This ultra-wide Samsung is as if we put two 27-inch Quad HD monitors side by side. Total we have a resolution of 5,120 x 1,440 pixels. And except for the fact that it will cost you a lot to find a wallpaper, the user experience is brutal.

The second pillar is the image refresh rate is 120 Hz, which allows us to enjoy a very good image fluidity, which we will take advantage of when playing. And we don’t need more than that, because it would really cost us a lot to run games in Dual Quad HD at a higher clock with a standard graphics card.

Get this 49-inch ultra-wide monitor from Samsung at the best price

Nevertheless, the great key to the quality of this screen is the QLED technology. It allows us to achieve higher levels of brightness in each of the pixels than other screens, which makes it an ideal screen to play games.

The The price of this 49-inch curved, ultra-wide Samsung screen with QLED technology is 799 euros. Actually, it is a bargain if we consider that it is an equivalent to two gaming screens, with a great quality, and that it will look great in our setup.