There is less and less left to enjoy Horizon II Forbidden West, the sequel to the Guerrilla Games game for PS5 and PS4. It will be the February 18, 2022 when the title hits stores.

Yesterday we revealed the official Aloy cosplay guide by Guerrilla Games, and the fury for the saga is at its peak. Remember also that Starting September 2, you can pre-order Horizon II Forbidden West on the PS Store, for PS5 and PS4.

It’s been a few days since Guerrilla launched Horizon Zero Dawn update for PS5, which allows you to run the PS4 title to 60 fps. But there is another interesting hidden novelty, which a player has discovered.

This is Adam Novice, who has shared a small video on Twitter … and where we can see the new official Horizon Zero Dawn logo.

Although there are no huge changes, it does attract attention a number of differences with the previous, and in general it looks more like what we can see in Horizon II.

In keeping with the logo of the future Horizon II Forbidden West, now the first game features a fairly similar icon, inheriting the horizontal line and adding an I. This was not present in the previous logo, and it makes us think that there will be more sequels to the Guerrilla IP.

As we say, we mainly find the indicative that it is the first installment of the saga, as well as a font adapted to Horizon II Forbidden West. If you haven’t played the great Guerrilla game, this is the best occasion to do it.

Horizon II Forbidden West will hit stores on February 18, 2022, available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Aloy’s second adventure promises strong emotions for the fans, and here you can find out two new outfits for the protagonist of the game.

Source: GameRant