8bitdo is a company very loved by gamers. This is because, in an age where peripherals vary in design and taste, 8bitdo recover the controls of yesteryear and adapts them so that we can use them on current consoles.

Such is the case of 8bitdo SN30 Pro +, one of its most recognized controls and that rescues the design of the Super Nintendo peripheral, but takes it to other platforms such as Nintendo switch, PC and Android. And now it can be yours for only 38.89 euros on Amazon. And in black!

This remote, one of the favorites as an alternative to the Joy-Con, has a price very close to 50 euros, but thanks to this discount it stays at less than 40 euros. It is of German import, but you can receive it immediately at home if you buy it with an account of Amazon prime.

And what about the command itself? The 8bitdo SN30 Pro + is designed according to the command of SNESSo you find the classic button layout: a crosshead, four action buttons, Select and Start buttons, and two triggers. Of course, it includes two josticks to play current titles.

The strong point of this command is that, Thanks to the 8bitdo software, you can assign each button the function you want, which does not have to coincide with the one that the game decides. The triggers incorporate pressure adjustment to improve response and have a dynamic vibration, And you can create macros!

It is compatible with PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. It works through a Bluetooth wireless connection, so you don’t have to worry about the mess of cables, since it has an autonomy of 8 hours. Nevertheless, to charge it or play connected you can use its USB-C cable.

So now you know: by 38.89 euros At Amazon you have one of the best Third Party peripherals that you can add to your set of controls. Enjoy the Nintendo Switch to a new level and recover those video games in 16bit with this command, to play them as God intended.

And remember: even if it is imported from Germany, if you buy it with a Amazon prime You will receive it immediately at home thanks to fast shipping at no additional cost. Create an Amazon Prime account today and take advantage of its benefits for 30 days totally free.