Last week, horror movie fans greeted with glee the new Candyman movie, the movie that acted as a spiritual remake / sequel to the 1992 movie by Candyman: Mastery of the Mind.

You know, that of invoking him in front of the mirror saying his name five times and that, some, still think that it is a great idea without any consequence.

Nia DaCosta, who is currently filming The Marvels for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has made history in the North American market with the premiere of Candyman.

After its opening weekend, Candyman has raised just over $ 22.3 million at the US box office, relegating Free Guy to No. 2 during its third week of screening.

Candyman’s data has converted, as collected Indiewire, to Nia DaCosta in the first black female director to have a No. 1 movie at the U.S. box office.

In the international market, at the time we write these lines, the film has only raised slightly more than $ 5.2 million. However, it is very possible that these figures will be updated in the next few hours as the various countries report their updated data.

The figures for the majority of premieres (of all actually) are still well below the level they were before the launch began. coronavirus pandemic. Public reluctance to attend movie theaters continues to manifest itself around the world.

As for Nia DaCosta, she will be at the controls of the sequel to Captain Marvel, as we have said, the Marvel movie that will bring together Brie Larson, Toyonah Parris and Iman Vellani as three characters with “Marvel” in their nickname that will hit theaters in 2022.