After a long time waiting, Elden Ring confirmed release date and has been offering very valuable information on everything that surrounds this new project from the creators of Dark Souls.

Thanks to our preview, in which we have been able to see a lot of what it can offer, Elden Ring continues to clear some doubts within the community of soulslike fans. FromSoftware detailed the difficulty of this new bet.

Will we suffer a lot at the Elden Ring? After the debate about the difficulty in video games reappeared on social networks, one of the highest exponents of demand within the industry has spoken.

Yasuhiro Kitao explained to us that Elden Ring will not be as difficult as Sekiro, the last great work of the developer. What’s more, to measure the difficulty of the game, Hidetaka Miyazaki has used Dark souls iii as base.

At the playable level that “simplicity” will translate into some changes, such as outside combat, the energy or stamina that is used and consumed to walk, run or carry out attacks will not be consumed. Another interesting addition will be a small recovery of life that will be achieved by defeating groups of enemies.

Nevertheless, these decisions have been made with the open world nature of the Elden Ring in mind and not so much in terms of offering greater support to the players. They have been introduced so that certain mechanics do not become so heavy.

The first measure will prevent the player from having to constantly stop each time his energy decreases, which would make the exploration too slow.

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On the other hand, the second measure seeks that we don’t have to continually return to the Sites of Lost Grace to retrieve healing items, that have a very similar operation to the Estus de los souls. Eager to try Elden Ring?